Hotels of Athens | The best squares of Athens
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The best squares of Athens

The best squares of Athens

Cold beer, flip-flops and shorts. At 40°C you can’t really stay at one place for too long. Strolling around town you’ll pass through all Athens’ squares. Take your pick. It is entirely up to you which one. Depends on your mood. If you don’t feel like much you can just sit around on a bench and do nothing until you decide you need to move on to the next square. Love for ever. Peace and friendship. Cities without squares would be empty. So would we.

Exarchia Square

The Valtetsiou sea of people ends up here. Exarchia is one of Athens historical squares and is still a steady meeting point for all ages. The “Diplo” coffee shop has served lots and lots of café frappés and the “Floral” further up has been the venue for all the best Greek music bands. The “Vox” is an old time favourite cinema theater.

Here you can find the famous tavernas and restaurants Rozalia, Exarxis and Rififi

Karytsi Spuare

All the frenzy that used to be this square has settled, making it even more beautiful. People who used to hang out at the “Use”, closed now, can still hear its music echoing on the surrounding buildings. At Saint George Karikis’ steps couples kiss passionately, eternal promises are made. Also you can find out about
almost everything that is going on around town this week.

Agias Eirinis Square

The frenzy we were talking about has moved here. All sounds and all cultures coexist in a peaceful blend. You can find anything your heart desires and more around this very square. Bars, coffee shops, restaurants and lots and lots of people. Some might accuse the place of being the mother of very different tribes; Hipsters and glam rock and casual chic types. In any case Ag. Eirinis Square is for every taste and every mood.

Monastiraki Square

Just before taking the road up towards Plaka take a stroll around the shops on the square either for a soft icecream or for this summer’s trend in sandals. You can relax for a bit after the torturous descend of Ermou Street. There is always an impro live in the evenings where street musicians play their African drums.

Nea Smirni Square

Here you will find one of Athens largest and cleanest fountains. It is always full of nice clean water and it lights up at night. This square has lots of consistent fans who won’t compare it with anything else either downtown or by the sea. There are often open air concerts organised at the square and other happenings, making it all very ambient.

Mavili Square

The square’s trademark – the famous hot dog stand has finally put a roof over its head and has become a nice fully equipped restaurant ready to earn its place among the historical landmarks of the square, “Lora’s” and “Briki”. It is most certain you will come across familiar faces from your past.

Merkouri Square

This square, in the centre of Petralona, is named after Melina Merkouri and has an Old Athens ambience. Stonewall houses with tin flower pots and children playing all around, fine shops and a cool crowd.

Proskopon Square

Pagrati has its own square as well. Young crowds from the surrounding neighbourhoods, Vironas, Mets, Kaisariani, fill up this square making it the new hot spot.

Avdi Square

In spring time the people of Metaxourgio organise their own Colour Festival and the square bursts in colours. On Sundays children ride their bicycles while restless young artists or not are “debating” on whether it will be Gavdos or Ikaria for this summer’s holiday.

Dexameni Square

Perfect for vanilla submarines, ouzo and mezes. And also a nice way to escape Kolonaki square. The open air cinema “Dexameni” and the “Café Dexameni” are also reasons to be here. Along with the feeling that time evaporates under its lavishly green trees.

Avissinia Square

This small square at the centre of Monastiraki is filled with antique stores selling everything your heart desires. There is also a café here, the renowned “Loukoumi”, gaining in reputation more and more these days.