Hotels of Athens | Gastronomy in Athens
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Gastronomy in Athens


Athens offers a huge variety of restaurants, serving from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine to Asian and Arabic.

Any cuisine you want to taste, you will find it in Athens: from economic to gourmet and Mediterranean to exotic.

At Syntagma Square, apart from plenty of street food ( sandwiches, various types of pies,boulangeries) you may also find chic restaurants and stylish cafes to enjoy your coffee and dessert.


In the upscale area of Kolonaki, you will find stylish places to dine such as: all day tavernas, grills, international restaurants, bistros, brassieres, chic cafes.


In Plaka, Thission, Psirri and Monastiraki, there are hundreds of traditional Greek restaurants where you can enjoy your meal accompanied with Greek folk music. There, you will try the most famous dishes of Greek Gastronomy like: Moussaka, Greek salad, stuffed or grilled vegetables, feta cheese , roast lamb, stakes, seafood and a lot of others.


Gazi is among the trendy neighborhoods of Athens where many chic, modern, ethnic restaurants and bars combining modern and traditional cuisine can be found. It is a place preferred mainly by the Greek youth.


Pasalimani and Mikrolimano at Piraeus area are the places with many water front tavernas serving delicious seafood and fresh fish. You may also find brand new meat- based tavernas with huge menu variety in a very beautiful environment.


In Glyfada, a very nice neighborhood of Athens,( about 20 klm from the centre) you may find a lot of Italian orientated restaurants , irish pub, international restaurants and taverns with quality meat-based menus.


Don’t forget the two taverns nearby our hotel. Both offer quality Greek traditional cuisine in fair prices. Tables are on the pedestrian sideway and a nice yard at the back offers you the space you need to enjoy your meal your wine and relax.


Our advise…. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies of the traditional Greek cuisine. It is an experience that you will never forget.

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Gazi is among the trendy neighborhoods of Athens0%
Pasalimani and Mikrolimano at Piraeus0%
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