5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Athens This Winter

Athens isn’t merely a summer time get-away destination. The city is also a great place to visit during the winter months, which are for the most part quite mild in temperature, with a little rain and if you’re lucky, you might see a snow-covered city!

So why visit Athens in the winter months? There are countless reasons why you want to make the beautiful capital city your winter holiday destination; let’s take a look at the top 5.

1. The Acropolis

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The Acropolis is a beautiful place to visit no matter what time of year, but during the winter months you’ll find that there are fewer crowds and occasionally you might see it covered in snow!

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This is the perfect time to take unforgettable photos and enjoy the shorter lines to get into the Acropolis Museum. The surrounding shops will also have fewer tourists than the summer months, so you can take your time and enjoy a stroll without the crowds. 

2.The Ruins at Sounio


Located just a short bus ride outside of the city, this site is a popular tourist destination that, like the Acropolis, calms down a bit during the winter months.

Here you will find the beautiful ruins of the Temple of Poseidon overlooking the sea below the cliff. You can even stop by the cafeteria have coffee or grab a bite to eat while enjoying the view. 


3.Shopping and Dinning at Plaka


Plaka is always crowded, year-round. The historical center does have less tourists during the cooler winter months and is a lot easier to navigate without the crowds. You can easily take an entire day to explore this part of the city with its enchanting winding roads, souvenir shops and diverse artists selling their creations. Also, you can find wonderful tavernas in Plaka where you will be able to enjoy authentic Greek food. 

4.Relaxing with Friends and Coffee 


You can Ski in and around Athens during the winter months. Whether you go for the day or a long weekend you will find that the mountains surrounding Athens offer ski slopes for all levels of skiers as well as picturesque views of snow-covered mountain tops, enchanting mountain villages and fun family activities. 

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Recipe for Melomakarona (Honey cookies)


Melomakarona is a symbol of Christmas, that is never absent from any Greek Christmas table.

We bake several pans of Melomakarona just to get the scent of cinnamon, orange and cloves in our homes.

Established as a Christmas dessert of honey (the nectar and ambrosia for the gods of Olympus) in Ancient Greece, a symbol of fertility, creativity and welfare, respectively all that we desire New Year to bring for us.

Ingredients for the melomakarona

400g orange juice

550g Sunflower oil or olive oil

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33rd Athens Marathon. The Authentic

33rd Athens Marathon. The Authentic

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The Athens Marathon, the Authentic Marathon, will be held on Sunday November 8, 2015 along the route from Marathonas to Athens, offering the opportunity to those participating to make their dream come true.

Apart from the Marathon race (42,195 m.), the event also includes a 10km Road Race and due to the large number of participations two 5km Road Races in the city centre. This year approximately 40,000 runners from 100 countries are expected to participate.
Several parallel events organised by SEGAS will be held four days prior to the Athens Marathon, the most important among them being the Marathon Expo and the Marathon Flame Ceremony in the archaeological site of the Marathon Tomb. Furthermore, in cooperation with AIMS, SEGAS organises the AIMS Marathon Symposium and the Best Marathon Runner Gala, during which the Best Marathon Runner of the Year (male and female) is pronounced.

The “Athens Marathon. The Authentic” is organised by SEGAS and co-organised by the

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This isTheAthensWorld

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Along with its exhilarating natural setting and wealth of history, the​ ​ancient city of Athens also moves to a modern rhythm, blazing trails for innovative culture and funky new urban lifestyles.

On October 31st , World Cities Day, the capital will turn into one big party zone to celebrate the Athenian spirit with the rest of the globe. Several street events and celebrations of all kinds will be happening at the same time all around town.

Quite simply unmissable! It’s a day to sample the unique buzz, the music, the tastes, the wonderful world of Athens at its very best and enjoy every moment to the full.​

Just get your wristband and share the joy! Find the full program of TheAthensWorld below


Celebrating the World Cities Day 2015

Your Wristband is your pass to the Athens World!

Free access and discounts for wristband holders

On the 31st of October, Athens is celebrating the World Cities Day with a series of activations & events.

Get your wristband and share the joy!

The Program

10:30 – 01:00

Greek Breakfast & Greek Brunch

In one of the most urban spots of the city, SIX D.o.g.s. will prepare for you a special Greek Breakfast. Greek coffee and handmade sweets will be served. In case that you had a great breakfast at the

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Athens Ranks 1st Among 25 Most Influential Cities in the World

Two Greek cities, that have always been a magnet for art and culture, were included on the list of the 25 cities with the greatest impact on the world.

More specifically, the capital of Greece, Athens, ranked in first place in the list that was compiled by List25, the website that gathers and presents lesser-known intriguing information on a variety of subjects, while at  #22 one can find Olympia, in western Peloponnese.


“Birthplace of Western civilization, Athens is the most influential city ever in the fields of philosophy, architecture, politics, science, and free thinking, as well as the original home of what is considered the most ideal system of government: democracy,” the website reads while it continues, referring: “Athens also became the first city to organize the first modern Olympics back in 1896. Some of its most famous citizens include giants such as Socrates, Plato, Solon, and Pericles.”

List25 also refers to the “Valley of Gods,” which is no other than the ancient Greece’s sacred city

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Athens International Film Festival 2015: first titles

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International Competition Section

The International Competition Section, more versatile than ever, hosts films from every corner of the world, from Denmark to America and from Thailand to Argentina, which contest for the First Prize, the Golden Athena Award.

Among the selected films is the «Sleeping Giant», a coming of age story, which stirred up the Critics Week at this year's Cannes Film Festival, placing instantly the newcomer Canadian director, Andrew Cividino, on the list with the most talented new artists. In his film, a seemingly quiet summer turns into a maiden voyage towards adulthood for three young boys.

On the other side of the world, in Palestine, 13 women get trapped into a beauty salon after a blast of violence erupts on the streets. They exchange comic dialogues and gossip but also some of their deepest fears. The film «Degrade» by Arab and Tarzan Nasser participated in the Critics Week at the Cannes Film Festival

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7 things to do in Athens on a Rainy Day!

rainy day
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It is true that Greece is the land of sunshine! Once in a while though there are a few days of rain. So, you are in Athens and it’s raining! Don’t despair. There’s plenty to do in Greece’s capital city. Here are some ideas of how to make the best out of a rainy/stormy day, or weekend in Athens.

It’s coffee time!

There is a lot of cafes downtown, where you can sit back, relax and watch the rain fall down. Many of them have book corners and free Wi-Fi. Taste Greek sweet treats that will brighten up your day next to a cup of Greek coffee or a cup of organic herbal tea – it is most definitely worth a try!  If you prefer amuseum coffee shop, stop by the charming skylight cafe at the Museum of Cycladic Art, where you can actually listen to the sound of rain falling on the roof or alternatively head for the south suburbs of Athens to get a view of the sea during and after the rain!

Shopping Ermou 7 things to do in Athens on a Rainy Day!
Go shopping

Shopping in Athens is always a pleasure but on a rainy day it can become really a relish! If you don’t feel like strolling about the most famous and picturesque shopping districts of the city, the “new kid on the block” are the colourful and impressive department stores that have won the hearts of Athenians and visitors

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Top 10 Things To Do In Athens

Top 10 Things To Do In Athens

With a population of over 3 million people, Athens is Greece’s biggest city, as well as a center for politics and tourism. Well known as the Cradle of Civilization, Athens prides itself for being the origin of democracy, Western philosophy, Olympic Games, political science, Western literature, major mathematical principles, and theatre. The history of Athens spans around 3,400 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world and many prominent rulers, writers, philosophers, scientists and politicians, including Alexander the Great, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato belonged to this amazing city of Greece.

WOW Travel shares with you its Top 10 Things To Do In Athens.


Plaka Quarter – Built at the foothill of the Acropolis, Pláka is the old historical neighborhood of Athens. Most of the streets have been closed to automobile traffic and it feels like a village within the city with picturesque

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